Restaurant in Venice

Fine ingredients from all over Italy and all around the world, prepared with Italian imagination and creativity

This is the philosophy behind the Al Theatro Restaurant’s cuisine. It is indeed a cuisine of research, inspired by curiosity; we love to share it with our guests to involve them in the most original journey around the world of flavours. Every dish at Al Theatro is a tribute to our food culture.

The wine

Each wine has its own story.
That is why at Al Theatro we only offer wines from small producers to give them voice in a crowded scene of bubbles, because in Italy there is not only Prosecco, there is a lot more. And it will be our pleasure to tell you more about this.

Our Pizza

Wood oven, high quality flour, left to rise for 24 hours, seasonal delicacies and typical products of the Slow Food Presidia. These are the ingredients of Al Theatro’s pizzas. We love to offer a rich experience also with this ultimate Made in Italy dish. And we serve it with artisan and organic beers.

The Patisserie

Sweet, seductive experiences that will make you fall in love. Starting from the counter where colourful mignon pastries are displayed in many proposals ranging from the traditional Buranelli to the Venetian Macaroons. The queen of dough, the Fugassa, is there all year round but each time revisited with seasonal flavours. Sourdough, butter and flour are Al Theatro’s declaration of love to its patisserie.

To order our pastry products please call us on +39 041 5221052 or buy online on our official web site Pasticceria al Theatro

Our Aperitif and Cicchetti

This most typical Venetian tradition is an opportunity to make home-baked bread, to search for traditional ingredients to be mixed in new proposals and to live an experience of the Venetian taste in many small bites. Cicchetti are served with sparkling wines and Spritz, but if you ask us an American or Negroni cocktail we will be showing you our fine selection of vermouth and gin too.

What can we do for you?

  • Catering
  • Custom cakes and pastry
  • Birthday and graduation parties
  • Corporate Dinners
  • Christmas dinners
  • Wine tasting

Our menu

Is the result of a research that combines Italian and world flavours; it presents innovative dishes that involve your taste, sight and smell, and which are both traditional and updated to the contemporary Venice.